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Emmaus inspires, challenges and equips local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, communities and places of work as we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

December 15, 2020

Dear Suncoast Emmaus Community Members

 The Board of Directors of Suncoast Emmaus had its last scheduled meeting of 2020 on Monday, December 14, 2020.

As we reflected on 2020, to say that it was a stressful year would be an understatement. However, your Board has persevered despite serving in a year of no walks or face-to-face gatherings.

The biggest obstacle the Board faced came in the fall, when, despite publicizing the need, and making individual calls, there were no candidates for the election to fill the eight (8) Board vacancies we would have as of 2021.

This indicates that the community has forgotten that the Emmaus Ministries movement is much more than the events it conducts. When the Board contacted The Upper Room and scheduled the “Why Initiative” last month, it was with the hope of our community finding its way back to its roots of service in God’s grace and building strong leaders for our churches. Since November 21st when we held the Why Initiative, we have received no calls for volunteers to serve on the Board. Because a community cannot function without a Board, we again contacted The Upper Room, and discussed our options.

In an effort to avoid shutting the Community down, last night the Board voted unanimously, and as of January 1, 2021, Suncoast will be governed by a steering committee and will suspend normal operations. Also, by a unanimous vote, the Board of Directors has cancelled all Walks for 2021 while we focus on rebuilding a Board, outreach efforts to our local churches and evaluating if the Suncoast Emmaus community wishes to function as a faithful Emmaus Ministries community. The existing Board of Directors has pledged to participate on the steering committee (meaning a 4th year of service for those Directors who would ordinarily be leaving the Board in 2021). We will be providing additional information over the next few weeks and ask that the community be in prayer for the Steering Committee and Suncoast Emmaus.

The Steering Committee members will need volunteers from the community to work with them as they work to rebuild Suncoast. The Steering Committee will keep you up-to-date on all upcoming activities as they are developed. We certainly welcome any ideas that you have and our lines of communication are always open. We wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a happy & healthy 2021.

Christ is counting on us…and we are counting on Christ.

De Colores!

Pam Hunt, Community Lay Director

Don Roser, Community Spiritual Director

Margarete Roser, Asst. Community Lay Director

Charlotte Ward, Secretary, Chryalis Liason

Dorris Ann Wasson, Treasurer

Lisa Adams, Director, Registrar

Victor Berger, Director, Reunion Groups

Gary Doss, Director, Communications/Newsletter

Vicki Doss, Director, Community Agape

Sue Klinger, Director, Community Agape

Leo Masucci, Director, Team Selection

Cindy Thayer,Director, Education

Monica Welch, Director, Community Activities Coordinator

Community Letter from the Board of Directors 121520.pdf